Social Housing is a rental or co-operative housing option which requires institutionalised management which is provided by accredited SHIs or in accredited social housing projects in designated restructuring zones.

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Social housing provides good quality rental accommodation for the upper end of the low income market (R1500 - R15 000). With the primary objective of urban restructuring, creating substainable human settlements.

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Housing is not just about building is also about transforming our residential areas and building communities.


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Speech by L N Sisulu, Minister Of Human Settlements

On The Occasion Of The Budget Vote Of The Ministry Of Human Settlements 6 June 2017 National Council Of Provinces, Parliament

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SHIP 6a Call For Proposals

The Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) is the custodian of Social Housing in South Africa. Social Housing contributes to widening the range of housing options available to the low to middle income earners and is defined as a Rental Housing option targeted at low to medium income households (who earn between R1500 and R7500 per month), located only in approved Restructuring Development Zones (RDZ) and is delivered at a scale and built form which requires institutionalised management which is provided by accredited Social Housing Institutions (SHI’s).

The National Department of Human Settlements (DHS) provides part of the funding for Social Housing projects in the form of Restructuring Capital Grants (RCG). These Grants are made available annually through the SHRA’s Social Housing Investment Programme (SHIP) via a Call for Proposals. The parameters of the Programme are defined in the Social Housing Act 16 of 2008.

REGISTRATION OF INTEREST: Organisations are hereby invited to Register their Interest (between the 24 April – 4 May 2015 only) by submitting an official letter (addressed to Acting CEO, Ms Sindisiwe Ngxongo, Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA).

The re-opening of the SHIP 6a Call for Proposals is ONLY for Fully & Conditionally Accredited SHIs, based on 2015/2016 Accreditation Results. If your Organisation has already Registered your Interest for SHIP 6a during Feb/March 2015, do not re-submit your Registration of Interest.

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