SHI Dashboard

The SHI Dashboard

The SHI dashboard contains a database of accredited and conditionally accredited SHIs and is organised in the following manner:

  1. The name and form of the social housing institution; 
  2. Status of accreditation;
  3. The date of accreditation or change in accreditation status;
  4. Any grants approved and particulars thereof;
    1. the names and contact details of the directors or trustees and key managers of the institution;
  5. Any social housing projects undertaken and completed,
  6. All housing stock under management; and
  7. Particulars of any instruction, directive or notice issued to the institution;
  8. Any report prepared by the Regulatory Authority or by a forensic auditor relating to maladministration or alleged maladministration by the institution, and any order of the High Court relating to administration of the institution by the Regulatory Authority, as contemplated in section 11 12(8), (9) and (10) of the Act;
  9. Any withdrawal of accreditation and the date and reasons therefore.

Social Housing Institution Dashboard click here to download.

Please note that the SHRA have not accredited service providers for SHI and Project Accreditation support as yet. Applicants are therefore encouraged to approach the SHRA directly to obtain the application pack... (Click to read more)