Project Accreditation

SHIs and ODAs who wish to apply for funding (CCG) must submit projects to the SHRA pipeline in order to go through the project accreditation process. The project accreditation process entails submission of the QSB (assessment of the project) and QSC (project financial viability). All projects submitted must have provincial support and be located within a restructuring zone. Projects that are not suitable for social housing will be pulled out of the project pipeline. Projects that meet the investment criteria will be recommended to the SHRA Council for consideration. Approved projects will qualify for a CCG of R271 867 per unit (up to 70% of the total cost of the project). SHIs can fund the balance through a combination of debt funding and own equity while ODAs must contribute a minimum of 20% own equity and the balance can be funded through debt funding, and Projects that need assistance with meeting the SHRA’s requirements will be recommended to the Sector Development and Transformation unit (SD&T) for support.